Mustard Algae

What is Mustard Algae?

Mustard algae is a form of green algae and is chlorine-resistant. It resembles dirt or sand on the bottom or sides of the pool. It brushes away very easily but will return quite quickly.

Pool owners can often think that their pool cleaner is not operating correctly as it fails to collect the "dirt", when in fact it is this pesky Mustard Algae. 

Mustard algae cannot be collected by a pool cleaner. It will simply go through the cleaner and/or filter and return soon after. 

Mustard algae must be treated by chemicals. 

Mustard Algae

Brush your pool regularly. This is very important. Keeping the algae suspension is the best way to get rid of it.

Top your pool to the brim then vacuum to waste, as mustard algae can live inside your filter. 

Triple shock dose your pool, then back this up with a good quality algaecide. 

Once a week, every week in summer shock your pool, preferably in the evening. Brush your pool again.

Keep your pH, alkalinity and sanitiser levels in the correct ranges at all times.

Follow these simple steps for a Mustard Algae free pool. 

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