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What is Biofilm?


Biofilm is a bacteria film, and is a mixture of different micro-organisms that are held together and protected by glue-like materials (carbohydrates).

It is this glue-like material that micro-organisms secrete that allows them to attach themselves to surfaces.

Biofilm can grow in a pool or spa, skimmer basket, or even a filter. This bacteria likes areas that are warm and damp. 

Biofilms can become resistant to chlorine. Your pool water quality will decline, you may notice your water starts to turn cloudy, it may also have a very strong odor to it

A Biofilm is self-perpetuating and difficult to remove. Worst of all, biofilm love virtually any surface, especially wet or damp. But beware, even after drying out, the biofilm will not necessarily be dead but simply dormant.

The growth of biofilms is like a coral reef, the biofilm gets bigger and tougher. Super colonies of biofilm are actually absorbing certain chemicals that were meant to destroy them.

Biofilms are everywhere. Pools, spas, bathrooms, kitchens, on your teeth (plaque is a biofilm), wherever there is a surface that can be damp.

What to do? Resistant to chlorine or bromine. Bonds with biguanides. Ionizers have no effect. You have to remove it. But how?

Imagine if you could take a medicine that literally swept away the bad cholesterol and plaque in your arteries.

Imagine also, an additive for your petrol or diesel fuel that boosted your mileage by let’s say 30% or more! 

All things considered, if these alternatives were safe and affordable, you would no doubt begin using them.

Imagine an environmentally friendly, easy to use liquid, that you would simply add to your pool once per month that would combat Biofilm and build-up to maintain perfect clarity while using less chlorine and other chemicals. 

Imagine the pH and total alkalinity staying in a perfect range all season long.

Imagine the water not only looking its best ever, but feeling so soft, silky and smooth to the skin.

imagine the entire set of pool equipment and accessories lasting much longer because of the friendlier water environment they are subjected to.

The Bio Klenz product makes this dream a reality and LoChlor are pleased to announce that after 2 years of research and development the wait is over…

BIO-KLENZ is applied to the water at a rate of 1 litre per 60,000 litres monthly.

Bottle of bio klenz

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