swimming pool pump

High Capacity Swimming Pool Pumps

The pool pump is the heart of the pool system and a key component of your filtration system.

It’s purpose is to circulate the water continuously through the filter and sanitation system to clean and purify the water, and keeping the chemicals evenly distributed and the water moving, keeping your pool safe and healthy.

Hayward 3 speed TriStarVS pump

Energy Saving Variable Speed
Pool Pumps

pool pump energy starThe new variable-speed swimming pool pumps are the most efficient way to save energy with your pool system. A variable speed pump will offer up to 90% energy cost savings over single-speed pool pump alternatives.

The integrated variable-speed drive and totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor is the ideal solution for reducing energy use, saving money while still enjoying an efficient pool filtration system

swimming pool cartridge filter

Extra Capacity Cartridge Filters

The cartridge filters have a internal element that works by filtering fine particles from the water and trapping them in the reinforced polyester cartridge element.

It has a lock ring that secures the removable lid, and top loading features allowing quick and easy removal for manually cleaning the element. Cleaning a cartridge filter is as easy as hosing it off with your garden hose and once or twice a year giving it a soak in a de-greaser to keep it working in top condition.

Unlike the sand filters a cartridge filter does not need to be hooked up to your sewer system for backwashing

Swimming pool sand filter

High Performance Sand Filters

Sand Filter are a very popular way to filter your pool water as they are simple, effective and don’t need a great deal of attention. The sand filter is a pressure filled vessel, when the pool water is circulated through the sand particles in the vessel, it traps the dirt from the water before returning it to your pool.

When the sand filter pressure rises it indicates that it is time to backwash (clean) your filter, you simply reverse the water direction and backwash the water from your pool removing the dirt particles into a sewer connection or pit (depending on your property/council regulations)

Filtration Packages

Choose the filtration package to best suit your lifestyle and budget.

The BRONZE package is included in the above pool package prices, see the SIlver & Gold options for the upgrades available.

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