The Raindrop Shape

The Raindrop shape allows you to work with irregular shaped backyards to maximise both swimming and backyard space. The Resin Raindrop comes in a 1.38m deep flat bottom. Four sizes are available with the narrowest point on all four pools being 3 meters. A 600mm structural deep-end is optional

The Barbell Shape

The Barbell Shape is an irregular shape designed for those wanting a large swimming area on ends whilst swimming laps down the centre. There are two sizes available being 4.8m at the widest point and 3.8m in the centre. The barbell shape allows for easy 500mm bowl out deep ends at either or both ends of the pool at no extra cost for the pool package.

Raindrop & Barbell Above Ground Pool

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Resin Saltwater Pools
Resin Saltwater Pools
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