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Above Ground Swimming Pools

We specialise in superior quality Australian Made above ground pools, that are manufactured to the highest quality standards for strength and safety; great peace of mind for you and your family. We supply (7) different pool shapes with (100) different pool sizes in the Deepest 1.38m, Premium Quality, Australian Made Resin Saltwater Pools with sandstone structural components made from 100% rust proof resin.

Premier Braceless Range of Plunge Pools, Courtyard Pools, Lap Pools, Family & Commercial Learn to Swim Pools.

Widest choice of above ground pool shapes, styles, depths and colours.

Atlantis Pools

From Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and everywhere in between we can freight your complete pool packages to you, which can then be assembled DIY or by an installer. If you are located in one of the big cities, or in the country; you can be assured Atlantis Pools will help you make the most informed choice to plan and purchase your new swimming pool.

Atlantis is the leading distributor of Australian Made Above Ground Pools, Manufactured in Sydney & Delivered Australia Wide.

Atlantis Pools is dedicated to giving all customers throughout Australia the ability to build a superior pool in their backyard, at an affordable price. Atlantis Pools is an Australian owned and operated family business, and has been operating from the same location for over 30 years. Our experienced advice on sales, installation, council and water board approval and after sales service makes us the industry leader for Above and Semi In-Ground Pools.

With the right information, you can easily select your new modular swimming pool package with the ideal features & the very latest equipment upgrades used on expensive concrete pools.

Experienced & Trusted Advice on Products, Installation & Council approvals.

Even the larger pool centres throughout Australia can NOT match the new “(35) Bonus Extras - Dare To Compare” package deals with (35) Bonus Extras

Atlantis is the only known pool centre in Australia prepared to put our sales talk into writing so you can make informed comparisons of pool packages.

(35) Bonus Extras - Dare to Compare

  1.   Few pool shops, if any, can match our electronic site plan drawing service & different pool specs for different councils & authorities for ALL States of Australia

  2.   Most are unable to provide ongoing, Australia wide construction information, by phone with licensed pool builders at our display centre, mostly 7 days a week

  3.   Atlantis prides itself on our after sales service, assistance with spare parts and ongoing help to our clients

Pool Specifications, Engineering Certificates for all States in Australia and a FREE Council Plan drawing service.

Atlantis won’t be beaten on price for top quality Australian made pool packages!

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  Australia’s widest choice of above ground pool shapes, styles, depths and colours.