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Deep End Options

There are three variations of deep ends available....

  1. Bullet 1.  Structural Deep-End  ($500)

  2. Adds 600mm of water depth with tailored liner shape

  3. BulletThe Above ground pool structural deep-end adds 600mm of extra water depth by changing the shape of the liner & (2) deep-end channels.

  4. BulletThe structural deep end is available in both the 3.8m wide and 4.6m wide Oval shapes starting from 6m in length. The internal bracing on the structural deep ends takes the pool depth down to 2m gradually sloping deep-end.

  5. BulletA safety ledge is built around the perimeter of the deep end.

  6. Upgrades & AccessoriesThe structural deep end liner is made specifically to the curved measurements of the deep end.

  7.      Installation of these types of deep-ends is more difficult, therefore Atlantis Pools provides more detailed specifications as well as the manufacturers instructions on excavation & installation.

  8.      Structural deep ends add an additional $500 to the pool package price, due to the different channels and liner.

  1.      2.  Bowl-Out Deep-End  (= No Extra)

  2. Adds 300mm of water depth tensioned with flat base liner

  3.      The Bowl-Out Deep-End is available across our entire pool range.

  4. We use Heavy Duty Liners with all our pools therefore a 300mm dish in one end of the pool can be constructed by simply tensioning the liner into the excavated 300mm bowl.

  5.      300mm of extra water depth can be just the amount required by some families.

  6. There is no extra component associated with a bowl out deep end.

  7. Keep in mind when deciding about a deep-end is that flat bottom pools can be quite fun for games such as volley ball and pool soccer.

Upgrades & Accessories
Resin Saltwater Pools
  1. Site Building Options 3.  Hopper Deep-End (= No Extra)

  2. Adds 500mm of water depth with welded hopper shape in liner

  3. Colorbond PoolsThe hopper deep-end is available in the Keyhole & Barbell shapes.

  4. Pool Shapes & SizesA hopper deep end is much easier to build than the full structural deep end

  5. Deep End OptionsThe hopper deep-end extends to 1.88m

  6. Oval SizesChoosing to have a hopper deep-end does not add any cost to your pool.

  7. Keyhole SizesThe customer simply excavates the hopper area of the pool. We then order your pool with a shaped Hopper Liner.

  8. Round SizesIf you’re doing a D.I.Y project and specifically want a deep end, then we recommend choosing one of the Keyhole & Barbell shapes compatible with a hopper deep end.

Our advice is to choose the right pool for your family keeping

by keeping these key points in mind:

  1. If doing a D.I.Y project, Consider your skill level and possibly any friends/family that may help you, particularly if you are considering a structural deep end.

  2. The age and swimming capabilities of any children/adults

  3. Your Budget (structural deep ends cost an additional $500)

  4. Structural DesignAccess to your site to excavate (can an excavator fit through to the back yard?)

  5. Winter Special PricesType of earth to be excavated in your backyard (Rock/shale is expensive to excavate & remove)

  6. Time allowed for your project (deep ends will add time to building)

  7. Keep in mind when deciding about a deep end, that a flat bottom pool can be quite fun for children games such as volley ball and pool soccer. Adding a deep end / bowl out in one end makes these games less even to both sides.

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